When the coolest DJs of all time play at a club or a big venue, you can expect them to bring down the house. They know what needs to be done in order to get the crowd popping for them. One cool DJ is Alesso. At all the places he performs, the place is always jam packed. In fact, it is like Justin Bieber or Beyonce is peforming. He knows the tracks he must play in order to keep the crowd’s noise up. In fact, there are a lot of scalpers for his concerts. There are a lot of people reselling tickets with the hopes of getting a few bucks off of it.  Learn more about becoming a DJ on Turntable.guide.

There are a lot of famous artists who would collab with the coolest DJS of all time to make new tracks. DJ Khaled is one prime example and he has had some of the world’s top artists like Drake and Justin Timberlake perform with him. His album are nice even though he always gets teased because of how fast he is. The people teasing him are only jealous of his success as he is one of the richest DJS in the world and the future only looks real bright for him. He is looking to collab with even more musicians in the world. He is famous for his phrase “another one” that he always says during the beginning of his songs.

DJ Steve Aioki is one main attraction in night clubs all over the world. It won’t matter whether he will play in Wet Republic or in Palace Pool Club, one things is for sure, he will rock the place like no other DJ can. He is so famous that a lot of people would dress up as him during Halloween. They know they are going to get a lot of attention just by looking like Steve Aioki. It is no secret he is one of the most in demand DJs right now and he knows hoe to party too. He is often caught smoking while playing music for all the party people. David Guetta is another cool Dj who has collaborated with some of the music industry’s biggest names.

It is no surprise that his songs are on the top of the charts because of how nice they are. Pop singers know that if he is the one behind the discs, people are going to be dancing like crazy. If we are talking about coolness, we must mention Will Smith’s buddy DJ Jazzy Jeff who also makes frequent appearances in the hit 1990s TV sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. He is known for always getting thrown out of the house by Uncle Phil. He and Willl teamed up to make such a nice intro music for the hit TV series. It became so famous that children were singing along with it. That was a long time ago and he still makes guest appearances at TV shows nowadays since the Fresh Prince became such a pop culture hit.

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