About This Project

Arriba México is an initiative created by Mexicans for you to stay -in a symbolic way- at houses and apartments that have been destroyed by the last September 19th earthquake in Mexico. The goal is to raise funds an help re-build all of this homes.

Where does the money go?
We have partnered with CADENA, one of the most transparent NGOs in Mexico.  CADENA will administer all of the funds raised to implement a reconstruction plan that will be deployed in two phases:

1. Give temporary shelter to the people that have lost their homes. Each shelter consists on a 5 person tent with beds, lamps, groceries, kitchenware, stove and a water filter.
2. Reconstruction of homes on the most devastated areas of the country.

The Committee for Help on Disasters and National Emergencies (Comité de Ayuda a Desastres y Emergencias Nacionales: CADENA) is a non profit organization dedicated to assist people on emergencies and natural disasters. With more than 100 missions accomplished on the last 12 years -both national and international-, CADENA has helped people directly without any intermediaries.

Why help?

The earthquakes have left thousands of people’s homes too dangerous to live in — not only the houses and apartments that were completely flattened, but many others that are in danger of falling and also uninhabitable.

We have seen first hand people trying to help in any way, but there is a need to give order and direction to these efforts. There is ahead lots of work to do, this is just the beginning of a long and hard way to re-build everything that was lost in a few seconds. So, we must stand tall and push together.

For people that lost everything, this is a brand new start.

We want to help to make it easier.

It is our turn to help the ones most needed.